is a 33-year-old innovating business development and marketing
organization providing a select group of non-competing businesses
a comprehensive suite of traditional and non-conventional tools
working together with a single objective in mind:
“Maximize your sales, competitive advantage,
client retention and profitability”.
Simple, focused, unquestionably effective.

Advance and maximize your business’ competitive advantage,
growth and  profitability, with Houston’s most innovating and comprehensive
marketing strategy, PR and sales optimization program.

Our areas of expertise include:

Preeminent 2028 P.R. Marketing

Corporate Image

Event Management

Community Involvement

Strategy of Preeminence

Sales Process Diagnosis & Optimization

Repeat Client & Unit of Sale Adjustment

Upsell Opportunities

Maximization of Endorsements & Referrals

Risk Reversal

Strategic Alliances

Brainstorming & Idea Generation

Hispanic-culture Marketing

Media Planning, Purchase and Placement

Web Design and Integration

Social Media

Film & Video


Talent Search & Management

PLM - Product Launch Management


Sales Training & Coaching

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

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